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Performance Management Method of Shop Industry

2019/9/16 13:50:23
Performance management is one of the important methods of hotel internal management. Proper use of performance management can stimulate employees'working potential, maintain the smooth operation of the organization and promote hotel performance; but if improper use, it will trigger antagonistic emotions between assessors and assessees, and then affect team cooperation enthusiasm and reduce organizational performance.
Performance Planning is a process in which hotel leaders and subordinates fully discuss what should be done during the assessment period and what standards should be met, and form contracts. As a powerful tool of performance management, it reflects the seriousness of performance indicators promised between superiors and subordinates, and organically combines the overall interests of the hotel and the personal interests of employees to ensure the realization of the overall objectives of the hotel.
Through the performance plan, make the objectives of each position clear. The process of planning can properly translate the overall performance plan of the hotel into the specific objectives of each business unit, and can make the individual or organization clear the expected results that should be achieved through efforts in a certain period of time.
The key performance indicators should be carefully established to make the objectives measurable. Key performance indicators are the refinement and induction of key success factors in the process of hotel operation. They are tools to decompose hotel strategic objectives into intuitive and measurable operational objectives.
Focus on continuous performance communication. In the performance implementation phase, managers should communicate with employees continuously. Through communication, part of the performance plan can be adjusted in time according to the actual situation of the hotel operation. At the same time, communication can also discover the difficulties encountered by employees in the process of work, and provide help and support for employees. Another point that we can not ignore is that employees are eager to get feedback on the results of their work in time, praise and affirm the part of their performance, and correct the inadequacies in time, which is an incentive for employees themselves.
Strengthen the collection and recording of performance information. At present, performance appraisal is widely used in hotels, and the degree of concern is the highest. Therefore, this part of the work has a certain level of development. Even so, many hotels have some problems in the specific performance appraisal methods. At present, more methods are used to score each other, that is, the 360-degree performance appraisal method, which we often call it, and the other is the target management method around business indicators. In fact, there are many methods of performance appraisal which are also very scientific and feasible, such as permutation, pairwise comparison, critical event method, etc.
We should note that the nature of performance indicators is different, and the evaluation methods have their own characteristics. Managers should closely link the two, choose the most appropriate evaluation methods according to the different indicators, and maximize the fairness and accuracy of the evaluation results. The purpose of performance management is to enable employees to understand their performance in comparison with their original goals. Feedback evaluation information can make employees aware of their strengths and weaknesses, excellent and inadequate performance, and make employees form a comprehensive evaluation of their own performance.
Choose scientific performance improvement methods. The method of performance improvement depends on the level of employees. Generally speaking, employees themselves can learn from managers or experienced colleagues, participate in training inside and outside the hotel, and train under the guidance of managers. Managers can take part in performance management training both inside and outside the hotel, learn from experienced managers and consult human resources management experts.
Regardless of the development stage of the hotel, performance management plays a great role in promoting the competitiveness of the hotel. Without effective performance management, the performance of organizations and individuals can not be continuously improved, so they can not meet the needs of cruel market competition and will eventually be eliminated by the market.

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